Escort Entourage CIS GPS Tracking For Cars

February 15, 2010

Blackline GPS, a Canadian electronics company has recently released Escort Entourage CIS – a GPS tracking device that is going to allow parents to get a better understanding of the different things that their children are doing when they drive. It is a well circulated statistic that teen drivers are twice as likely to be the cause of an accident when compared to all other drivers. They are also ten times more likely to be killed or seriously injured in an accident than people in their forties. All this is good reason to use GPS tracking for cars when teen drivers are involved.

The Escort Entourage CIS is approximates the size of a cell phone. You put the device under the hood of the car and it, by employing GPS tracking technology, constantly tracks the vehicle’s position and reports back to Blackline’s secure servers. This is pretty standard in the world of real time GPS trackers.

But what makes this device so interesting is its use of a key fob. This key fob works as a personal identify for each driver who uses the car, making it ideal for families with more than one teen who might be using the car at any given moment. If a driver does not have a key fob, SMS (text messages) and email alerts will be sent to the owner. That way, if the car is stolen you can get it back relatively easily.

The ability to differentiate users is particularly beneficial. For example, when you have two teenagers you are going to want to know which one of them broke the speed limit or took the car out late at night without you knowing. The key fob is going to make that type of tracking possible.

There is also a system built in where the tracker is able to create a report card for each individual user. Each week, the GPS tracking software can generate a report that outlines important driving information such as the number of miles each driver drove, the average speed they drove, and how often they broke the speed limit. Your teen will then be rated on how well they did using the standard A to F scale they are familiar with.

There is even an option for parents set up digital curfews for their teens to see how obedient they are being to family rules. While this is never a substitute for great parenting, it sure can help enforce some of the things that families need to make the roads safer for everyone.

Here is an interesting quote from Clark Swanson, the CEO of Blackline GPS:

When you’re a teenager, you generally won’t do something wrong if you’re going to get caught for it. The report card system actually builds the trust relationship between parents and kids. Parents don’t have to worry about every trip and teenagers can gradually work towards getting better driving grades.

A final option that parents can employ to better understand their teens habits is to download a free GPS tracking app for their cell phone. This will enable to instantly access the location of their teen driver on a Google Maps interface. The car will show up as a red dot and the speed of the car will be given as well. You can even set up the app to warn you if the car is leaving a preset perimeter, if your child is out past curfew, or they are traveling too quickly.

The Escort Entourage is CIS currently $400 and has a subscription plan that runs $15 a month if you prepay your subscription. It has plans on releasing the product to Britain later this year. All in all, this looks to be a pretty solid device for GPS tracking for cars.

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