Police Illegally Use GPS Tracking To Stalk For Friend

February 15, 2010

Apparently, you do not have to be a genius to be a police officer. That is the conclusion I’m walking away with from reports that a businessman got a police detective and a trooper to put a GPS tracking device on the vehicle of a high school baseball coach because he refused to put the businessman’s son on the team.

Here is the pertinent information from a local website running the story:

A Terrebonne Parish detective pleaded guilty Friday to criminal mischief in connection with the illegal placement of a GPS tracking device on a high-school coach’s car.

The device was allegedly placed there on behalf of a local businessman by a state trooper, who faces a similar charge and is the subject of a State Police investigation.

Lt. Shane Fletcher, 42, the Terrebonne detective, entered the guilty plea in Lafourche Parish District Court. He was fined $100 and ordered to pay court costs. Officials at the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office said an internal investigation of the detective’s actions is under way.

The businessman, 60-year-old John Ledet Jr., is charged as a principal to criminal mischief. He is scheduled to appear in court March 12.

Senior Trooper Travis “Bucky” Colombel has not been charged with a crime, but has been notified by prosecutors that he is a potential grand-jury target.

I mean that is just stupid! Why did the businessman not hire a private investigator and have him follow the dude around or even put his own GPS tracker on the car? Better yet, why did the detective or trooper not inform their friend that this would be a better strategy that would help keep them safe from losing their jobs or going to jail for abusing their power and authority? I think it is probably because they are idiots.

I can now see why people get so upset about the police being able to track them with GPS without a warrant. If idiots like this are in most of the police precincts in this nation that we are all doomed to suffer at the hands of these incompetents.

To be fair, I’m sure that these officers were thinking that they were just helping out a friend. I hope that they think about that long and hard as they spend time in prison for being idiots! GPS tracking should never be used to stalk someone, and this is especially true of the police.

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