North Lake Tahoe Resort Introduces GPS Tracking For Youth Skiers

November 8, 2010

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your child gets lost on the mountain during skiing lessons? One North Lake Tahoe resort is taking a proactive step to put parents at ease if this were to happen.

Alpine Meadows is has just announced a whole host of new improvements at the beginning of the winter season that will bring the resort into the 21rst century. One of the improvements is a GPS tracking system for skiers that will assist parents, resort staff, and rescue authorities.

Here is the skinny on the resorts technological improvements:

Alpine Meadows announces several resort improvements, including the Magnestick, a magnet that is adhered to the back of childrens’ ski school vests that literally sticks them to the magnet on the resort’s chair lifts. Alpine is the first resort in the U.S. to use the Magnestick, which unsticks as children disembark from the chair at the lift’s end. Also new is the Flake GPS, a tracking device worn by youths in ski school, a redesigned children’s center complete with automated registration kiosks and interactive educational stations and an outdoor play area with a new magic carpet surface lift. Those breaking for lunch will enjoy Alpine’s redesigned outdoor seating area at its base lodge, which offers a 75,000-foot sundeck, slope-side seating and a new fire pit.

There is not too much information out about the Flake GPS on the Great Interwebs, so there is some doubt as to what this device actually is. Does it use a cell phone modem or radio frequency transmission? Is it a real time GPS tracker or some other type tracking of device?

It is probably some type of dormant tracker that is able to be activated when it is needed. Real time tracking could run into some privacy concerns with parents and devious employees.


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