Criminal Makes Mistake, Commits Crime With GPS Tracking Bracelet On

January 15, 2011

A 17 year old burglary suspect has an air tight case against him thanks to the GPS tracking bracelet he was wearing while committing two additional robbers.

Why he would commit the crimes while wearing the tracking device is anyone’s guess. Perhaps he enjoys being a criminal?

Here is the report out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin from the Journal Sentinel:

According to a criminal complaint, Christopher Terrell Gipson, 17, was out on bail in connection with another robbery and was wearing a GPS bracelet.

In addition to wearing the electronic tracking device, which records his location every 10 minutes, he was ordered not to commit any other crimes.

But he an another man, David D. Young, 18, were charged last week with operating a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent and two counts of armed robbery party to a crime in connection with some new charges.

Although police arrested the men, the GPS bracelet recorded Gipson and his exact time and locations at the scene of the robberies in the area of the 5200 block of N. 60th St. and at 91st and Custer streets, the complaint says.

Gipson and Young also admitted to police that the two had committed the robberies together, according to the complaint.

While the bracelet used was not a real time tracker, the evidence that it gathered for the police was invaluable. Thankfully, there was no violence involved and no one was hurt in their criminal activity. Perhaps if there were, they might have a legislator pushing for real time tracking for criminals.

This is just one of the many things that passive GPS tracking can accomplish when used by the government to watch criminals.

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