GPS Navigation App Waze Boosts Public Presences With ABC Local Affiliate Deal

December 8, 2011

Waze announced today that they made a brilliant marketing move by partnering with ABC affiliated news networks to provide real-time traffic updates for traffic reporters around the country.  The navigation app, which can be used on iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia, and Blackberry phones, already has 9 million users and is sure to grab some more as a result of the increased visibility.

According to reports, the deal includes 12 stations at launch, including KABC Los Angeles, KGO-TV San Francisco, and KFAA Dallas, and will come to include more stations in other markets.

The navigation app, which offers turn-by-turn voiced navigation and the ability for users to report traffic accidents and other important information for travelers, pools user data together to provide real-time traffic updates to its users.  This crowd-sourced information is accurate and up to date – exactly what news casters and news watchers want.

The power of Waze to improve traffic data and user commutes is already well established. L.A. boasts more than 450,000 Waze users, with the ABC7 Traffic Spotters group containing almost  3,400 active members.  Those numbers are sure to continue to rise, even in markets where the partnership has been active for months.  Waze, users, and the news networks are sure to all benefit as more and more data becomes available.  This is the power of crowdsourcing.

Waze stands to benefit by having daily, on-the-air product plugs and mentions and placement on news station websites that look like this:

Waze News Promo Page

Broadcaster get to use traffic data that matters, engage viewers in ways that increase loyalty and brand buy-in, and its free.

Users get richer and richer data and better alternate routes.

Sources: VentureBeat Mobile, TechCrunch

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