Canadian Man Rattled After Finding GPS Tracking Device On Car

February 27, 2012

Reports out of Canada have an Ontario man founding a GPS tracking device while performing a routine inspection of his truck. The device was secured to the wheel well of Ben Ferrill’s truck with a magnetic case.

According to the victim, the tracking device was lit up like a Christmas tree when he found it. This suggests that the tracker was on and sending position information when found by Mr. Ferrill.

The device appears to be a PT-X5 Pro from US Fleet Tracking. The real-time GPS tracking device is priced at $650 and boasts a battery life of about 80 hours. This would suggest that the tracker was a fresh addition to Mr. Ferrill’s vehicle. He was lucky he found it.

When asked why a tracker could have been found on his vehicle Mr. Ferrill mentioned that he was currently in a dispute with a former employer over wrongful termination. Mr. Ferrill claims that he was fired after suffering an injury while on the job, a claim that is currently under investigation.

It would not be unheard off for his former employer (or an agent hired by his former employer) to have installed a tracking device on his car in order to help them build evidence over the nature of Mr. Ferrill’s injuries and ability to work. The police, however, have been unable to determine the owner of the device even though that information is held by US Fleet Tracking.

US Fleet Tracking has the following privacy policy:

US Fleet Tracking will not under any circumstance make your information or any data specific to your vehicle tracking account available to any third party – including local, state, or federal law enforcement authorities – without a court order signed by a judge specifically requiring us to release this information. Otherwise, we promise we will not release your personal, private data to any individual who does not have your userid and password (so please keep them secure). The ONLY exception to this policy is if YOU – our customer – specifically request our assistance in the prosecution of criminal activity as it relates to your account. This would include auto theft, or the prosecution of any other crime which was committed in one of your vehicles tracked by the US Fleet Tracking system. In such cases, we are happy to assist in any way possible, but we must ask that any expenses incurred in the process of assisting you – including serving as an expert witness in any legal investigation or court proceeding – be fully reimbursed. At US Fleet Tracking, we have an acute understanding of how important our customer truly is, and we are tirelessly dedicated to keeping those customers happy – whatever it takes.

The following text has also been reported as being located on the US Fleet Tracking website (but we were unable to find it, indicating that it has been removed since news of this story broke):

Even if presented with a court order, we promise to fight the courts to keep this information private and respect the privacy of our paying customers

It would certainly be frustrating to know that you could find out who was tracking you illegally but are unable to because the company that holds that information won’t give it out to you.

Source: CBC via autoblog Canada

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