Epson Annouces Seiko Astron, Time Keeping Watch Powered By GPS

March 6, 2012

Interest in buying a watch that could last you the rest of your life – without ever changing the battery or having to change the time? Epson has just announced that such a watch will soon be in stores and its name will be Seiko Astron.

The watch will be solar powered and gather time information from the GPS satellites that orbit overhead, giving it an atomic clock-like accuracy at almost any location in the world.

While the watch falls short of identifying the location of the watch to the owner or providing any kind of real time tracking, it does promise to keep a user informed of the time of day anywhere they might be in the world.

Users will also know what day it is since the Astron has a perpetual calendar that goes all the way to February 2100.

Here is a promo video for the watch:

Seiko is recommending a retail price of JPY 152,250 – 210,000 ($1880 – $2600 USD) for the watch, which is certainly geared more to the globe trotting businessman than the average dude off the street. Yet this leap forward in technology – both in terms of power management and GPS use – will certainly have ramifications down the line for GPS tech in general and GPS tracking technology specifically. It just may take several more years for it to happen.

Source: Epson News Release

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