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A sufferer from Parkinson’s Disease is using GPS tracking to stay in contact with his wife, promote awareness of this debilitating disease, and raise money for research.

Steve Quam, aged 64, began riding across the country on July 17 from the Pacific coase in the glorious state of Washington. His trek has taken him across the United States and he stands poised to finish his journey at Edisto Beach on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast – over 4200 miles.

In his three month journey he has had two steady companions – a cell phone and a GPS tracking device.

According to reports made by the when his cell service was down his wife was able to keep in touch through the tracker. This device is almost assuredly some sort of satellite GPS tracking which communicates through commercial communication satellites.

According to the report:

Steve Quam and his wife stay in almost constant contact as he rides. He carries a cell phone and a GPS tracking device that automatically updates his location.

Once for about a week, he could not get a cell phone signal. But during that week, the tracking device let his wife know that he was safe and still rolling along.

There are two distinct advantages to using a satellite GPS tracking device like a < a href="">SPOT GPS satellite messenger. The first is that the device can tell your posisition to those that you want to share it with. The second is that since it works off of commercial communications satellites it is able to provide the tracking information in places that cell phones and other GPS tracking devices fail.

Quam has raised around $5,000 for Parkinson’s Disease research.