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Property Protection

If you are looking to keep your baby Jesus safe this Christmas season then reports that the New York based security company, BrickHouse Securtrity, is loaning tracking systems for this very purpose is like the sound of Santa’s sleigh to a 6-year-old’s ears.

Hooligans across the country are facing stiffer resistance from churches who are now turning to help from above to keep their baby Jesus safe. No, they are not turning to prayer and the actual Jesus who is seated at the right hand of his Father in heaven. Instead they are getting help from GPS satellites and small tracking devices installed inside the Jesus doll.

These tracking devices are activated upon movement and send out their information wirelessly over cell phone networks that blanket out nation like a snuggie on a cold winter night. These trackers work in real time, providing the location of the baby Jesus through the power of GPS tracking technology.

Word of mouth is getting out that GPS tracking devices are being installed in these Jesus and thieves seem to be staying away. Perhaps they are not devoted enough to their trade in order to use a GPS jammer?

Either way, BrickHouse is getting some great PR (who wouldn’t want to be a company that is seen protecting Jesus?) and churches are protecting themselves from petty vandalism.

If you are a hooligan with absolutely no respect for religious people, Jesus, or God then you might want to rethink your ideas about stealing a baby Jesus – the sweet little 8 pound 6 oz baby Jesus – from a manger set up in front of a church. You just might get caught!


GPS Tracking Device Recovers $60,000 Worth of Equipment

October 23, 2010

One business owner is happy that he installed a covert GPS tracking device inside some of his equipment. According to reports out of South Carolina: Several pieces of heavy equipment, including a $30,000 track hoe, were recovered this week. An investigation into their disappearance is ongoing. Around 11 a.m. Thursday, a Michigan company notified law [...]

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