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Explore The Boston Marathon Route

The Boston Marathon kicked off this morning in Boston, MA and Waze is promising Boston drivers routing information that will help them navigate road closures for the event. They made the announcement in this blog post. This is good news for drivers who are looking to avoid delays and make their way around the city without undue delay.

However, when I scanned the Waze Live Map (with the race starting point) I was unable to see any road closures or traffic warnings as of 9:44 AM on 4/16.

If you are looking for a complete map of the Boston Marathon route this map proved useful: Boston Marathon Interactive Map

Waze users will have to step it up and make the necessary edits to the mapping data for this crowd sourced data to really make a different today.

It appears that other crowdsourced traffic data appears to be in the same situation as Waze. Google Maps traffic doesn’t appear to offer any data on road closures either.


Researcher Suggests Visual Positioning System Could Replace Expensive GPS

February 27, 2012

Dr. Michael Milford, a researcher from Queensland University of Technology, will be presenting a paper later this year that describes the theory behind his work in visual based navigation. Visual based navigation could potentially replace expensive GPS technology in certain applications, providing better and quicker location and navigation services. Dr. Milford, who cut his academic [...]

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