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The British Columbia Ferries have made a useful and bold move to include GPS data for their ferries to the public. The data is available both on their desktop and mobile website.

BCFerries Mobile Ferry Tracking

The mobile version of the site, here seen on an Android phone, allows users to track the ferry by clicking on the section encircled with red

While the information is still short of real-time GPS tracking, updates to the data occur about every two minutes, this is still a good move for users of the service.

The data will help users make informed decisions about when to leave work or home for the ferry and decrease the overall amount of user unhappiness when ferries are late due to weather or mechanical issues.

Users have access to ferry name, destination, heading, and speed from the tracking interface. When using the desktop version of the site users must simply hover their mouse over the ship icon (represent as an arrow pointing in the direction of the ships heading). In our tests of the mobile interface we were unable to produce any of this pop-up information.

User must also go to another part of the site in order to access estimated times of arrival (ETA).

You can view vessel positions in real time here: BCFerries Vessel Positions

Source: GISuser


Canadian Man Rattled After Finding GPS Tracking Device On Car

February 27, 2012

Reports out of Canada have an Ontario man founding a GPS tracking device while performing a routine inspection of his truck. The device was secured to the wheel well of Ben Ferrill’s truck with a magnetic case. According to the victim, the tracking device was lit up like a Christmas tree when he found it. [...]

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Virginia State Legislator Plans On Introducing GPS Tracking Bill To Legislature

January 15, 2011

In the wake of recent tragedy, one Virginia legislator is looking to GPS tracking technology for a solution. According to reports out of Martinsville, Virginia, Del. Ward Armstrong is going to be proposing a bill to the Legislature that will bring real time GPS tracking for certain types of criminals. Here is the report from [...]

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Baby Jesus Is Kept Safe By GPS Tracking

December 24, 2010

If you are looking to keep your baby Jesus safe this Christmas season then reports that the New York based security company, BrickHouse Securtrity, is loaning tracking systems for this very purpose is like the sound of Santa’s sleigh to a 6-year-old’s ears. Hooligans across the country are facing stiffer resistance from churches who are [...]

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North Lake Tahoe Resort Introduces GPS Tracking For Youth Skiers

November 8, 2010

Do you ever wonder what would happen if your child gets lost on the mountain during skiing lessons? One North Lake Tahoe resort is taking a proactive step to put parents at ease if this were to happen. Alpine Meadows is has just announced a whole host of new improvements at the beginning of the [...]

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Escort Entourage CIS GPS Tracking For Cars

February 15, 2010

Blackline GPS, a Canadian electronics company has recently released Escort Entourage CIS – a GPS tracking device that is going to allow parents to get a better understanding of the different things that their children are doing when they drive. It is a well circulated statistic that teen drivers are twice as likely to be [...]

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