If you have ever wondered what it would be like to drive a car in the sky at breakneck speeds this video is for you. The film maker is using a Garmin GPS and probably the camera on his cell phone to pull this off. You can hear the din of the airplane in the background, which lets you know this video fo’ realz.

I just hope he didn’t make this when all electronic devices should have been off.

Source: LiveLeak


I was watching Hulu the other day and this Droid Razr Maxx commercial came on. If you didn’t watch it, it is about how this new Motorola cell phone has an amazing battery life. Here are some of the more interesting quotes from it:

“I use my phone all day everyday.”

“My phone is dead, my business is dead.”

“If I could use my phone all day I would definitely feel more powerful.”

Now just imagine if they were talking about loosing their phone rather than about the battery running out. Would the things these people are saying change at all? I doubt it.

If you have not already installed some type of cell phone security app on your phone you really should think about it. Many have free lost cell phone features.


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