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Founded in May of 2008, GPS For Today explores the applications of GPS technology for every day life by examining current usage and anticipating the future for consumers.

As this powerful tool continues to infuse itself into everyday devices we will find that GPS technology can be used to enhance our collective ability to gather information and to navigate our world. This will undoubtedly bring with it many applications that could create a safer, information-rich future. However, these same applications, if abused or used maliciously, could cause great harm to our society. We are here to try to anticipate some of the potential uses of GPS technology, exposing the potential for abuse while praising the unrealized utility. We want a better and safer tomorrow, and GPS could be a good tool to get us there.

We hope to achieve this better tomorrow by providing top notch content to our readers. At the heart of every healthy society is access to wisdom. Wisdom is greater than mere knowledge, but it must start there. By providing useful, timely, and accurate information to our readers we hope to equip them to make informed decisions about the role they want GPS technology to play in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. We want them to be wise, so we start by giving them the knowledge necessary for wisdom.

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Joe Mueller

Joe MuellerJoe Mueller is the founder of GPS For Today and has been exploring the relationship between people and GPS tracking since 2008. He is the father of two and married to the most beautiful woman in the world. You can follow him on Twitter: @GPSJoe or Google Plus: Joe Mueller+

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