Plan B {GPS Tracker App Review}


Plan B is a unique and extremely useful app because it lets you download and use the app after your phone is already lost. There is nothing like discovering your phone is no longer in your possession and then, in a matter of minutes, knowing with a fair degree of accuracy where you mobile phone is. In all our tests, Plan B did a good job of finding out where the phone was by giving us a coordinate less than 15 m (45 ft) from the phone in all cases where Plan B was actually able to get us a location email.

The app failed in a grocery store and when buried 1 ft (33 cm) underground, but this was to be expected given the signal blockage. When underground Plan B was downloaded, which was surprising. This indicated that the phone had a network connection but was unable to get any information from the GPS satellites.

If you have lost your cell phone or suspect that it might have been stolen, you have nothing to lose from installing Plan B and seeing if it can find where your phone is. If it doesn’t work you can assume your phone is off, has been destroyed, or has already been taken over by a thief.

You can download Plan B here: Plan B on Android Market


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