How To Find A Lost Cell Phone With GPS Tracking

I lost my cell phone. Help!

We have all been there before – our precious cell phone has suddenly gone missing and we have no idea where it is.  We do a quick check of all the places that we normally put it; it isn’t there.  We rehash every event from the time we last remember having our mobile phone to the time when we first noticed that it was missing.  Where did we go?  Who were we with?  What was I wearing?

We try calling our cell phone in the hope that the ringer is on and that it is somewhere nearby.  We pace frantically through our home and run out to the car in the hopes of hearing our awesome ringtone.

But when all of this fails us, we are simply left with worry.  All we can do is hope that some switch will flip in our brain and we will all of a sudden “remember” exactly where it is.

How can we increase the likelihood of actually finding a lost cell phone? GPS tracking!

Here’s how this technology can help:

Lost Cell Phone No GPS Tracking

  1. Have a GPS tracking app on your phone. This will either need to be already installed or you will need to install it remotely (see here for tips on remote installation).
  2. Access your phone’s location using the web. Most tracking apps have some sort of web interface through which you can access your tracking information remotely. Do this; it should tell you where your phone is.

Yes, finding a lost cell phone by using a free tracking apps is that easy. In our tests of various apps we have found that the whole process can take just a few minutes to complete, even if you don’t already have the software installed on your phone. Conditions do need to be right for this to work process to work. They include:

  1. Your cell phone must be on.
  2. Your cell phone must have a connection to your network or be connected to WiFi.
  3. Your cell phone must be able to get messages from GPS satellites.

If you fail in any one of these items you will not be able to us GPS tracking to find your mobile. Sorry.

Understanding How GPS Tracking Works For Cell Phone Recovery

If you have not already heard, GPS stands for the Global Positioning System and is a series of satellites that emit a radio signal that can be read by specialized GPS receivers. These receivers use the information encoded in the radio signals to do a little math called trilateration.  Once that equation is done, the GPS device will know its exact location on the globe. Pretty niffty, right?

GPS systems have become increasingly smaller over the years and have made their way into pretty much every single smarphone on the market.  Chances are, if you own a newer cell phone that runs Android or iOS then you have GPS in your phone.

GPS tracking occurs when the position information is gathered by the device. This information is either stored locally or sent out from the device of the network. The former process is called data logging, and is only GPS tracking of a sort.  The latter process is what most people think of when they talk about GPS tracking and is often referred to as real-time GPS tracking. If you are trying to find a lost cell phone they you are trying to use the second variety.

Once the cell phone has found its exact location using GPS (or by a very similar mathematical process using cell phone tower signals) it can send that information out over the wireless network to which it is connected. The cell phone only needs to be on.  Most tracking programs will work behind the scenes with little to no action taken by a user.

Therefore, the cell phone must be on so that it can process the signals it is receiving from the GPS satellites and talk over the cell phone network. It must have a network connection of some kind to send the information that it gathers from the satellites.  This information then travels across the network to the company that is helping you track your phone. Finally, it must be able to get messages from the GPS satellites in order to find its position in the world.  If it has no position information it will have nothing to communicate.

Finding A Good (Free) GPS Tracking App To Find Your Phone

Finding the right app for your particular brand of phone is definitely not easy.  The biggest problem is choice, especially for Android users. You might want to check with your phone’s particular app store or see one of these posts for potential apps:

  1. Our post on How To Install GPS Tracking Apps Remotely To Find A Lost Or Stolen Android Cell Phone also contains a list of all apps that can be downloaded and installed to your phone remotely that we have personally tested on our Android phones.
  2. We also have a list of applications and software that can be downloaded here: Free GPS Tracking Applications and Software
  3. We have still another list of free options out there for cell phone tracking

Also, if you feel like paying for something that you could do for yourself for free then you could always go with a one of your provider’s tracking plans. I have seen a family plan for a little as $5 a month depending on your current service agreement. While this is a nominal payment, it is ∞ more expensive than free! If you can get the same service for free, why not do it?

A Final Word: Data Plans

No matter what your final choice for an app is, you are definitely going to need to have a data plan that will allow for the transmission of data across the network.  Most people already have one anyway (you own a smartphone, after all).  Those that do not have a data plan are often not worried about losing a phone that only costs $40 to replace!

Data plans are important because your cell phone will have to send the information about its position across the network if you want to track the phone in real time. You can’t find your lost cell phone without your cell phone telling you where it is. It can’t do that if it doesn’t have any way to send its coordinates out over a wireless network.

I would even recommend getting a pretty robust data plan because of all the fun and interesting apps that it will let you experiment with. For example, cell phones are great for a variety of fitness activities A lot of people take their phone with them anyway when they run for safety purposes, listen to music, or make phone calls.  Why not also use it to track your runs? There a ton of apps out there that track distance, average speed and time spent running.  Most even use websites that let you share workouts with friends or stay accountable to an online community. (Check out review of Endomondo for just one app in this market.)

This is just one additional application.  There are many more, from social apps to navigation apps, that can leverage the power of GPS to make life easier, more interesting or just plain fun.

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178 thoughts on “How To Find A Lost Cell Phone With GPS Tracking”

  1. Hi

    I have last mobile on 17-09-09 at 9.40pm, kindly help to me for tracing the handset.

    Make: Nokia
    Last dialled No.: [removed]
    E – Mail for Communication: [removed]
    Missing Date: 17-09-09
    IMEI No.: [removed]

    Thanks in advance,


    Vinaya Kumar ms

    1. Hello Vinaya,

      Unfortunately, I cannot help you with your missing mobile phone. I am not associated with any cell phone provider and do not have the capabilities to trace your handset.

      If you have already installed some GPS tracking software on your handset then you don’t need anyone to help you find your mobile phone, just log in to your tracking software website and you can find out where your phone is if it is turned on and getting a GPS and cell phone signal.

      If you have not already installed some GPS tracking software than I am afraid that you cannot track the phone using GPS.

      I wish you the best in finding your lost mobile phone.


  2. Hello;

    I lost my mobile, nokia supernova 7610, on the 16fh of September… I cannot find it or call it, probably because the battery died or someone might have it…

    What do I do? I don’t know the IMEI number or anything… and I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates…

    Can you help me please?

    Thank you.

  3. Extra info…

    I had it last with me really late around 12 am-ish… I might have made the last call around the same time, too.

    1. Hi Sara,

      Unfortunately, I am completely unable to help you. I do not work for a cell phone provider and I do not have access to anything that could help me find your phone. I am sorry that you have lost your phone and that your battery is now dead. Hopefully, someone will find it and return your lost mobile phone to you so that you can have all the information that you keep on it back.


  4. Hello,

    I lost my cellphone on the 19th of September, I have had it that day, but on Thursday I could no longer find it. I went to school, put the phone on silent, it died, so I left it all day dead until I came home from my friends home and charged it up. Not sure if I put it back on full volume, I was texting and soon went to sleep.
    At least- that’s what I think happened ^

    Now- I CANNOT find my cellphone! I’ve been looking everywhere and it just won’t show up! Calling it many times I did, and tried looking around my house everywhere!

    What else can I do?

    1. Hi Maria,

      I really don’t know what else I could suggest for you to do without knowing some more about your phone and whether or not you have GPS enabled on it. Do you have a Blackberry or iPhone? Have you turned on the GPS feature of your phone? Do you have some GPS tracking software installed (like MobileMe, InstaMapper, Loopt, etc)? If you do then you might be able to find out where you phone was the last time that you had it.

      If your room is a little messy then you might want to consider cleaning it up really well if that was the last place you remember having it. That way you can see if you can find your cell phone by doing a thorough cleaning.

      Still another way to track down your cell phone is to find out who you sent your last text to. You might be able to do this on your cell phone providers web site, but you can certainly do it by asking around to your friends. If you can find out when the last time you sent a text hopefully that will jog your memory as to where you were when you sent the text which will hopefully help you find out where you left it.

      Unfortunately, with a cell phone that is off there is not really a technological solution to your problem. Hopefully something works and you can find your phone.


  5. i hav juss lost mah samsung sghc450i …the theif haz switched it offf ..becuuz it requires a pass word to swicthopen …..evn i donot remmebr the IMEI NOMBR………PLZZZ HELPPPPP MEE

    1. Hi Saravanan,

      I’m sorry. I wish I could help you but I simply cannot. I don’t have anyway or to assist you, but I do hope that you find your phone soon that you can return to using it as you normally would.


  6. My mobile is lost in party in Vashali, G.Z.B.
    my mobile tracker is also off. Now u tell mee what can i do.

    1. Hi Anmol Soni,

      I’m sorry you lost your cell phone at a party. Was this a party at a friend’s house? Was it a party at a a public place like a part or street? Or was it a party at a club, restaurant, or skating rink? Depending on where you lost your cell phone will inform how you should go about getting it back.

      If it was at a friend’s house then you should go over there and talk to your friend and see if you can find your phone. It should be easy enough if they do no have a very big house. If it was at a club or restaurant then I would recommend going to that place and asking around and seeing if anyone has seen your phone. Very often people will turn in lost phones to the staff of an establishment.

      If the party was one at a public place then your cell phone might be lost forever. You might want to go back to the place where the party was and see if you can find it.

      You will not be able to track your cell phone with GPS since it is turned off. Sorry.


  7. hi. i had just recently lost my cell phone and i do believe that my gps tracking is on, how do i find my cell phone, i also have google map set up on my lost cell phone do u know of any way I can locate it
    thank you

    1. Hi Loryan,

      If the GPS tracking in your cell phone is on, then I would recommend that you get into contact with the service that you are using. Most GPS cell phone tracking services are done online and all you have to do is log on and find out the location of your phone like you normally would.

      I know that you said that the GPS tracking is on, but are you sure that this is the case? Having your GPS turned on is very different from having your GPS tracking turned on. Many phones give you an option of turning on or off your cell phone’s GPS for use with other applications. For example, the Palm Pre uses your GPS location to serve you better ads on your phone. Just having your GPS turned on will not allow you to track your mobile phone.

      Instead, you generally need to have had installed special GPS tracking software onto your phone that will allow your phone to be tracked. There is plenty of free software available for certain cell phones, but there are also many different paid options as well. If you have installed one of these services on your phone, your phone is on, and your GPS tracking application is on then you will be able to find out where your lost cell phone is. If you don’t have those on then you are out of luck.

      Hopefully you are able to find your lost mobile phone.


  8. hey i lost my cell phone in my small house today and cant seem to find it i need help please i dont have a gps with me nor do i know how to use it on the internet i need help really bad its a sanyo sprint cell phone katana 2 [NUMBER EDITED] need help

    1. Hi Joseph,

      If your house is small then you should have a much easier time finding your lost cell phone than if your house was large. The first thing that you might want to do is have a friend come over and repeatedly call your phone until you find it. This will work great as long as the phone is on and is set on a normal ring. It should still work even if the phone is on vibrate, but you will have to listen much better.

      If your phone is off and you have no idea where it is then the best thing to do is to go through your house systematically, starting with the place that you most likely suspect will contain your lost mobile phone. If you go through systematically enough you should be able to find your phone eventually.

      I hope that helps and that you have some good success finding your phone!


  9. Hello;

    I lost my mobile, HTC P3400i, on the 24th dec.… I cannot find it or call it.

    What do I do? I don’t know the IMEI number or anything… and I live in Haryana, INDIA.

    Can you help me please?

    1. Hi Arie,

      HTC P3400i looks like a pretty cool phone. I’m sorry that you lost it. Unfortunately, I cannot help you find it using GPS tracking since I personally don’t have the ability to do so. I recommend that you try and figure out exactly where you lost your mobile phone by doing a mental reconstruction of that day. Once you figure out where you lost it you will be able to figure out if you are going to find your lost phone.

      Thanks for your comment and I wish you the best of luck in finding your HTC P3400i.


  10. I lost my mobile at 24/01/2010 and I have his IMEI no so plz help to find my phone It consist a Reliance Sim Its no. is +919770885338 If anyone have the idea or know my mobile location plz contect me @ this Id or call me +919630156303

    1. Hello Aman,

      I’m sorry that you have lost your phone. Unfortunately, I’m not sure that there is anything that anyone on this can do to help. I know that there is nothing that I can do to help, at least.

      The thing is that we do not work for a cell phone company so we do not have access to information that might prove useful to you in finding your phone. Also, if you live outside the United States I am unsure that they have the same laws about the records that a cell phone company must keep about the location of a cell phone when it makes a call. It could be that you could find your lost mobile phone by going through all the places that you might have misplaced it and looking for it there. If this does not produce your phone then I think you might be out of luck. I know that stinks to hear but I am afraid it might be the truth.

      Using GPS tracking to locate a lost cell phone only works if the phone has a tracking program installed and it is on. Otherwise it simply won’t work.


  11. i have lost my samsung star 3g gt-s5603 and its imei no. is 355013030816940.pls help me.

  12. Hi Joe,

    I lost my new Blackberry Bold 9700 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is there any chance that you can track it for me. I already reported the incident to the police but I am not sure if they can really help me.

    Thanks in Advance

  13. Hey, I lost my samaung j700. It has a mobile tracker but I do not know how to locate it. It was lost on my way from town to school. I just can not remember where exactly. Please help me.

  14. hi, i lost my new NOKIA 2700 CLASSIC phone today afternoon around 1.30 at deira dubai, the IMEI number is 358324035002320… even if i dont get it i want to block the phone .. i really dont want the theif to use it too. It was an anniversary gift and had lots of emotional value to it.
    if you have any info abt blocking it or finding it contact me on my email address!
    hope the world was a lot more honest! we wudnt have any such issues. 🙂

  15. Hello sir;

    I lost my mobile, sony ericsson k530i, on the 24th april.… I cannot find it or call it.

    What do I do? I know the IMEI number 359019010608146.

    Can you help me please?

  16. Hi,
    My Sony Ericsson Equinox – Ocean Blue had been stolen on May 12 and can you please help me if you could
    thank you

  17. Hey, I lost my EnV3. All I remember is leaving in on silent, so that doesn’t help. I can’t call it, and I just don’t know where it is! Please help me!!!!!

  18. I think my phone has been stolen! It is still on, well it is still ringing. I have all my Info on the phone. Can you HELP????

    1. Hi Cnbennett,

      Unfortunately, I only have helpful tips and no answers for where your phone is. I always recommend trying to retrace your steps to see if you can find your phone that way. IT has been incredibly helpful for me in finding much more than just a lost cell phone.

      Also, if you have a GPS tracking application installed on your phone you could always try to use that to find out where your phone was before it shut off. This can be helpful in finding out where you last put your phone or in letting you know the actual location of your phone in real time.

      I hope you can find your phone!


    1. Hi James,

      I am sorry that this is happening to you! I would look into cell phone tracking or car tracking device. Either should work for what you need it for. With cell phones you can get it for free, but with a dedicated car tracker it will cost you at least a $100 or more. The car tracking device will cost much more expensive but it will also be more covert. A cell phone will be cheap (free!), but is a lot easier to find.

      The choice is yours.


  19. I lost my phone on 6-10-2010 my ringer was off and I walked around for 6 hours and could not find any trace of my phone. today i’m going to file a police report because I know the phone is off right now. Please help me!!!!! The phone # is [phone number redacted] Please help me!!!!!
    & any suggestions

    1. Hi Jeremy,

      Sorry, but there nothing that I can personally do to get you your phone back. I really wish there was. If you have a GPS tracking application on the phone you might want to check that and see where it is, but if you don’t then you might just be out of luck. Sorry.


  20. Hi
    I misplaced my phone the other day and can’t seem to find it it has loopt on it
    but how do I locate it plz help

    1. Hi Nick,

      Since Loopt is a social tracking application, I would do one of two things. The first is to get a hold of one of your friends that has Loopt too and ask them to pull up your phone and find out where it is. I would try and do this as fast as possible since your phone’s battery may be close to dying or already dead.

      If that is not an option, go to Loopt’s website to find out where your friends are and check and see if your location is on Loopt right now (if that is even an option). If your location is on Loopt then just go there and find your phone.

      Hope that helps.


  21. dear sir,

    I have been lost my mobile .Sumsang mobile model number gt s5233s & IMEI number [number redacted] if you can be find the lost mobile that please help me.

    1. Hello Parvindra,

      I am sorry that you lost your Samsung – those can be really nice phones. Unfortunately, I cannot provide any assistance in helping find it. I hope that you can find it!


    1. Hi Katie Star,

      If you are certain it is around your house somewhere there are a few different things you can try. The easiest is trying to give yourself a call from another phone. If your phone is still on and the ringer is turned on as well you will be able to hear the ringing cell phone and discover its location. This is probably the easiest way to find a lost cell phone.

      If that does not work or the phone is not on, then I recommend mentally and physically retracing your steps until you find your phone. Start with the last time you remember having the phone and then work from there. Eventually you should find the cell phone unless someone else moved it, stole it, or hid it.

      I hope that helps.


  22. hi
    i’m in a critical case , please help me
    my younger brother left home days ago & i don’t know where he are & he don’t reply my calls. i do much more than anyone can imagine & i’m lost between web pages days ago to find a method i can find him , i wanna know his location to back him home again & say i’m sorry to him.

    is there a softwear that i enter his mobile number then it gives me information about his location like in telecome police, what is it? where i can find , how much ,….etc.
    i need any information may leads me to him.

  23. Are you people incapable of reading. HE CAN NOT HELP YOU WITH LOST PHONES. It has been stated more than once. Or is rading comprihension right out the window? I understood what he put the first time. Dont be stupid, if you read the comments the first time you would know by now that HE CANT HELP YOU>

  24. Hi Joe, I have an iPhone 3GS, so I DO have GPS, and it’s gone. How do I track it? Do I have to go to AT&T to have it tracked? Or is this even possible?


    1. Hi Carter,

      You are right, the iPhone 3GS does have a built in GPS. Unfortunately, if the GPS function was not turned on when it got lost or stolen you are out of luck. I know a lot of people turn off the GPS function on their smart phones because they drain battery life, but if you left it on you are in good shape.

      Assuming that you left it on the next thing that you need is some sort of GPS tracking software installed on your iPhone. In other words, you need a special app for that. It could be an app built for just such a problem – like Apple’s MobileMe – or it could be one of the many social GPS apps out there. Either way, if your app has some sort of web interface where you can access the information concerning the whereabouts of your phone you can do that and you will find the lost cell phone.

      If you don’t have such an app, or if your phone is turned off, or out of battery then you are out of luck – sorry. GPS won’t help you find your lost cell phone. You will have to revert back to finding it the old fashioned way by backtracking your steps.


  25. Unfortunatly i lost my blackberry pearl well i didnt actually lose it i misplaced it to be exact, and i still have not found it. So HELP would be greatly appreciated! If you guys can do that with your GPS navigation system that would be awesome!
    Thank’s!! 🙂

  26. BTW: Here’s my mobile # if you need it by any chance to locate where my phone’s at [number redacted]

  27. Hi Joe,

    Today, August 4th I have unfortunately lost my cellphone, which is a Nexus One. I’ve searched EVERYWHERE in my house, even the bathroom! but no such luck…. I even called it a few times but it is turned off. And it was in my house the whole day so I’m doubtful a thief took it and turned it off. Also, it was a gift from my dad because he works for Google &he told me something like it has GPS in it and I can track it down. And my question is how do I use this GPS from my computer? I didn’t install any tracking app. into my phone so I’m not sure what am I supposed to do. Plus I don’t want to go to my dad right away because a)he’ll be super pissed. b)he’ll probably never get me a phone again. c)i’ll be grounded. So is there any way I can track it down?! Should I just call my cell phone provider people? So HELP PLEASE!

    – Martina

  28. I lost my iphone and it does have gps but i dont know how to access it. Please help!!!
    It dosent have any apps to help ie. mobile me etc

  29. Joe,
    My HTC EVO 4G was stolen. I have been tracking it via a couple reverse phone number sites, such as and I get the longitude & latitude, then I google map that. I was wondering if this location is the tower’s site or my phone.
    How do I, or the police find the phone since he is using it to text and called 3 pages of numbers for the first 5 days after taking my phone.
    I had the data turned off so he couldn’t watch tv or email, but I can turn that back on at my Sprint online account if you think I need to.
    I just got back to my state and want to get my phone with police so I don’t have to pay the $100 deductible, so I can retrieve my memory card which has 2500 pix, and he has my 1 wk new cover, too.
    I am worried the police will flub things, as they took forever to make a report at Chicago Greyhound, instead of first coming with me to look for the guy who walked away after asking to use my phone. If they just call the phone he may throw it into a lake etc-God forbid.
    Thx for ur comments n thoughts.

    1. Hi Gale,

      First of, I am so sorry that your phone got stolen like that! People can be such jerks. I am constantly amazed at how selfish humans can be – and I’m including myself in saying that!

      As to your question about and, I have no first-hand experience with these services so I have no idea what they do or how they work. Most of the time I expect these things to be scams because I am not too certain how they get a hold of the location information on your phone. I would think the privacy policy of your cell phone company would keep that safe!

      To be honest, I’m not too sure that the police will spend the man power necessary to track down your phone if no assault was involved in the robbery. They might not consider the crime “severe” enough to warrant the time of an officer to contact the phone company to get a GPS fix on your phone and track the person down who stole it. I wish things were different, but I think that is going to be the way that it is.


    1. Hi Derek,

      I wish I could help you, but there is nothing that I can do. Do you have any social tracking applications on your phone like Google Latitude? If you do it could really help you out here.


  30. Hey joe. My phone is probably broken because its raining, but I still want it. See, I went to a bonfire with a couple of my classmates. Everyone went on the hay bail ride, which is 10 miles long. Well, I texted my dad at the begining and put it in my pocket. At the end, it wasnt there:( Is there any way I can find it besides walking in the rain and mud? Please help me my dad will kill me!

    Lost of Date:13/11/2010
    Last Call: 9879177506
    IMEI NO.356053034121417

    please find it plz help me

    1. Hi Rathod,

      I am very sorry to hear that your cell phone is missing. Unfortunately, I am unable to find your phone. I have no access to any resources to track your phone.

      – Joe

  32. Hi.,
    My name is Bhuwan Chander I have My Nokia 5130 XPREES MUSIC (RED) IMEI NO is 353761041833369 Plz Fined-out this mobile pzl plz
    Addres: 1260-Rani Bagh New Delhi 110034
    Con. No. 9953061002, 9811628362

  33. plzz plzz help me…i ve lost ma phne..
    nokia is switched off now..plzz help me..
    imei no is:351502041390865
    plzz help me…i beg of u…!!

  34. hi im only 12 and a 12 year old girl needs her cell phone i dont what to do i need to know how to find it …… make it even better its dead so i cant call it i know its in the house some where me and my family have searched the house ….i didnt leave the house so it has to be in there somewhere but its just not showing up. Can anyone tell me a website where i can track my phone down please im desperate!!!!
    jordan …..
    p.s my email is [redacted] ….if found someway to find it email me!!! Thanks

    1. Hi Jordan,

      If you battery is dead then I think the only way to really find your phone is to do it the old fashion way. Try to sit down and think of the last place you had your cell phone. Then work your way forward from there. Look for it everywhere and eventually you will find it.

      Sorry that that doesn’t help very much, but it is the only way.


  35. Hello,

    I have lost my Motorolla mobile (IMEI no. – 356900011409548 ; Model L9) on 02 , Feb, 2011 from Udaipur (Rajasthan). Please help me in tracking the mobile as soon as possible. My contact no. is +91-9414238866. I shall be deeply grateful if you respond early.


    Ratan Paliwal.

  36. If anyone can please help me my phone # is 971-832-1132, i havent had my cell for a week :/

    1. Hi Della,

      You can find your phone using GPS. You need to have already installed a GPS tracking app onto your phone before you lose it – this can be anything from Google Latitude to InstaMapper. Once the phone is lost you just go to the website of the tracking company and find out where your phone is. Pretty easy.

      – Joe

    1. Hey JJ,

      I would try checking with the school office. If it was lost and found by someone responsible like a janitor, teacher, fellow student, or administrator they probably turned it into the lost and found. I hope it is there since that would really be the easiest way to find it.

      Other then that, do you have a tracking application already installed on your phone? If not, you won’t be able to track your phone with the GPS. Sorry.


    1. Hi 123,

      Congratulations! Its great to hear that GPS really does help. What program or software did you use to find it?


  37. hey i cant find my iphone me and my frend pluged my phone up next to my bed the next morning BOOM! gone and i have no way of finding it becouse the ringer is off and i dont understand how to use gps-lauren

  38. I lost my phone awhile ago and i was wondering could you find it, i realli need it to be found my cell number is 7733683933

  39. I left my cell phone in t moble it’s a nokia 5230 nuron the IMEI # is 359341033808986. I baught a new my touch 4 g and left my nuron on the counter of the store. I called the store and they said that if it’s not in the safe thann it’s gone. So either a customer or a employee stole my nuron. I’ve requested a viewing of the security camera’s and was given the run around. Can someone offer me some advice on locating my 179$ nuron?

  40. hi Joe,
    i lost my phone brother took my phone and went outside,and on the way he lost it.please help me to find my phone num:2023905047.and he lost it between 3621 newark st nw-tenly town metro station/fortrino this area .it was in his jacket poket when he was biking that time it droped from his jacket and phone get truned off.its a samsung gravity-2.please find my phone please…:(:(

  41. Hi ME Swapnil From India
    My Mobile Htc Hd 2 Black Is lost Last Night.
    IMEI NO IS 357779030111502 PLz Find This Mobile
    window id is 00039-424-759-998
    P/N: 91H01352-06M REV A

    my contact number is 9872783983 01763502323

  42. Hi,
    I lost my nokia 2700clssic and i know it’s somewhere around my shop; i don’t have the GPS tracking. What do i do?? Help me!

  43. I GOT MY phone stole. terrible experience!!! ;(
    it has a gps tracker… hows does it work? even if its not in service???

    1. Hi LL,

      All cell phone trackers will not work if the phone is not in service. The GPS will still work on the cell phone, it just can’t be used as a tracker because it can’t use the cell phone network to give out the GPS data from the phone.

      What tracker are you using? That is the first place to start when figuring out how it works.

      – Joe

  44. Thanks Joe. I want to get a good app now to tracke my phone. What do you recomend? I want get those bad people if they ever were to steel again. Mean people.
    Thank you for your help!!!

    1. Hi LL,

      I recommend My Mobile Lookout. Its GPS tracking feature is fairly accurate (indoors locations are not laser like, but generally “good enough”). It also works as a contacts and data backup, a key feature for any phone that could get stolen or lost. You can also make the cell phone scream if you want to. This is great for finding misplaced phones!

      I know there are others out there, but I haven’t tried them.

      – Joe

    1. Hi sina,

      I heard the HTC desire hd is a really cool phone, but I hope you bought insurance because it will be impossible to track the phone without having a tracking program already installed on it.

      In the future I recommend a program like My Mobile Lookout. It works well for me.

      – Joe

  45. Hi joe,I also lost my cellphone and I was wndering is thr any way you could help me out

    1. Hi deero,

      I can’t help you find your lost cell phone. You would to have already installed a GPS tracking device on it – and if you have done that then you just use it to find out where the phone is. Good luck to you.

      – Joe

  46. hola me robaron el celular en la escuela , no descargue ningún programa para localizarlo y quería ver si puedes ayudarme o una pregunta la compañía del celular que tenia puede localizarlo?

    1. Hola daniela,

      Lo sentimos, pero no hay manera para que usted pueda rastrear su teléfono sin tener un software ya instalado en él que le deje con nosotros el teléfono como un dispositivo de localización GPS.

      Lo anterior fue traducida por Google.

      – Joe

  47. hello sir/mam, i m parag from nagpur , maharashtra , india . i lost my cell phone nokia 2700 on date 11-5-2011. i need ur help to track my cell. its IMEI no. 351532043649968.
    than u!

  48. I have lost my Nokia mobile phone yesterday 17/5/2011 at 4.00 pm. The details of mobile – Nokia 1661 BLACK

    IME1 : 358239033164874
    Code 0573014
    Please block this handet.
    please acknowledge once done on 9850538773 / 8888217112

  49. Hi my phone was stolen it was a LG G2x from Tmobile I want to block the phone using my imei number… tmobile said they block it but I didn’t believe them… please help me

    1. Hi Emily,

      It is my understanding that T-Mobile will block a phone by its IMEI number if it is reported stolen. You can rest assured that they will do this for you.

      As far as getting your phone back, did you install a GPS tracking app on it so that you can find out where it is?

      – Joe

  50. i am kaushal kishor patel from maharashtra in palghar,i requisted to find my stolen phone model is NOKIA-5233.IMEI:355932041611885,last call 09765284387.

  51. I have lost a cellphone in my room and can’t find it, what can I use to find it if I had no tracking software downloaded and battery is dead? Please help

    1. Hi Kathy,

      There is no real way to find a cell phone with a dead battery by using GPS or other phone recovery software. Since you already know where it is, I would just recommend going through your room in a systematic, methodical way until you find it. If it is there, it will be found.

      – Joe

  52. I have lost my Nokia E5 yesterday.. It has GPS.. Can you find the location where I left it?! Please.. And thank you very much.. God Bless…

    1. Hi Richele,

      I don’t have any way to track your phone. Sorry. 🙁

      But if you have an application installed you might be able to find out where it is if is still has some power. Just log into the website for the tracker and it should be able to tell you (roughly) where your phone is.

      – Joe

  53. i have lost my phone and tryed calling it but it gos straight to voice mail which meens it is not turned on what do i do now because im going on holiday in a few weeks and i need my phone in case of an emergancy

    1. Hi holly,

      I’m sorry to hear about your phone – they really are our lifeline to friends and family. I would simply try some of the tried and true lost phone finding techniques – things like going back in your mind and remembering the last place you had the phone. If that doesn’t work I don’t know if there is much else that you can do.

      I hope you find it!

      – Joe

  54. I lost my android, it has important information on it, no software was installed, but the battery is still good, i called the number and it rings but now the voicemail is full. I am waiting on important calls, can I still somehow track it and find it without the software already installed?????????????????

    please help

    1. Hi Neil,

      Do you have Google Maps installed? You may be able to opt in for Google Latitude on your Google account and it may be able to give you a general location on your phone. You can find it here:

      I haven’t tried it myself – but it just might work!

      – Joe

      Update: I have tried to install an app remotely to my Droid X and it worked (I downloaded Angry Birds)! I would download Lookout Mobile Security. It backs up your files and contacts and it will let you get a location on your phone. It will even let you make your phone scream. I use it myself and recommend it. You can find it here:

      I hope that helps.

  55. i want information regarding the lost my cell IME No.357967-03-437303-4 .kindly request regarding who person simcard using on above mention IME

  56. You can also put an alternate # or email contact on a piece of tape and stick it to your phone. Then if someone finds it they can easily contact you, even if the battery is dead.

  57. i have lost my sgh l 700 samsung mobile i have not its imei no because it sent to me my brother from austrialia i have only its simcard how can i find its imei no

  58. I had the mobile me app connected with my iphone, but the person that stole it, enabled it. Is there a way I can still track my Iphone 4 without that app installed? I have the serial number and everything.. can I still track it somehow??

    1. Hi Megan,

      I don’t think so. You might be able to get the phone banned from service if you report the IMEI number to the carriers who support the iPhone, but in terms of tracking I think you are out of luck.

      – Joe

  59. Hi Joe,

    In the case of my much loved Motorola Atrix 4G (AT&T) which was stolen, and actually had Lookout installed and Latitude; I found that there is no hope. Once the thief removes the SIM, you’re out of luck. The only truly useful tool would be a service which seeks the phone via EMEI, and EMEI only, since that will never change as a unique identifier. Lookout and other services seek out the phone number. The first thing I did was deactivate my service, and got a new Atrix, therefore the SIM was de-joined from my phone. Dis the GPS in my phone have a unique locatable identifier? I would love to know the answer.
    My phone was never and will never be recovered. I made a police report with my EMEI, and then contacted all major carriers with the report number and EMEI number, and they said they will not activate it on their system. Anyone know how to track by EMEI???

    1. Hi Kenny,

      As best as I know, there is no way to track a phone by its IMEI remotely. The GPS tracking applications that I am aware of don’t gather or send out that information.

      – Joe

  60. HI need help!!!!!
    My nokia C7 got stolen is there any way i can track my phone using the gps on the phone

  61. i want to know how we can find out the location of a mobile phone which is switched off. Can you plz tell me any software or any other device or some method related to it.

    1. Hi babi,

      It is hard to find the location of a cell phone that is off. There may be a program out there that will find a phone that is off, I just haven’t found it yet. For example, Lookout Mobile Security is not able to find my Droid X when it is off. This is going to be a common problem with any tracking app you might be using.

      – Joe

    1. Hi Gracie,

      It looks like the Samsung Intensity 2 has GPS and it runs Android. This means you can download an app for it (even remotely) and find out its location. You might want to go to the Android Market and tell your phone to download Plan B. It will try and email you your location and will send updates to you with refinements to its initial location. I haven’t tried it yet, but a review is forthcoming in the next couple of months.

      – Joe

  62. I left my cell phone in the bath room at the club by accident, went back later it’s gone. I called it rang but no one answer. Got home called again no answer. The next day called again a few time still no answer. I can’t leave a voice mail bcos it new phone was not set up a voice mail. But I did Tweets & email to my self hopefully the person will read it & will return the fone. No respond so I get a temporary disconect still trying to find away to get my phone back but no luck. Finally I had it disconect completely. It has been 2 weeks and I’m still not giving up. What I need to do about this or at least if I can stop whoever use that phone from getting access to my email account, Twitter, FourSquare, pics, Videos and all that. I felt so violated & not be able to do anything about it. Whoeved did this should go to jail. I am so depressed & angry and don’t even feel like getting another phone.

  63. Ok I’ve lost my phone god knows where and I don’t have service but I need to find it! I’ve looked everywhere and I still haven’t found it! HELP!!!

  64. I need some one to track my phone so I can get it back for work. please help me find my phone. you can e-mail me at [redacted]. Please send the address to my e-mail of where my phone is at.

  65. To Kenny: (and Joe)

    I use a program called Mobile Defense, its still in beta but works great. New members are currently locked out pending the next release of the program, but you can get an email notification when they’re accepting new registrations. Below is an excerpt addressing your issue from their FAQ:

    Does Mobile Defense work if the SIM card is changed when my device is stolen?

    Yes. In the event of unauthorized SIM card change, you will receive immediate notification via email and a message will be displayed in your “Recent Activities” feed. These notifications will include all the information (e.g., subscriber id, line number, etc.) on the new SIM card. If your SIM card is changed, you can still issue lock, alert, and wipe commands that will be executed as soon as the device has an active data connection.

  66. Hi,

    I just lost my iphone recently. I cancelled my sim card data plan & everything & I did not download mobile me app. If the person who stole it happens to on wifi or data plan, do you think I can still track it? Please reply me asap. Thanks alot!

  67. please tell how to find a lost cell phone. u r which software use .
    r u find cell phone on imie no.

    1. Hi crackhead, (LOL!)

      Point taken. Its my plan to put together something that might be a little punchier, straight forward, and help more people. Just trying to get together the time to make it happen.

      – Joe

  68. Thank you so so much I found my phone today with the Plan B app that you wrote about, I thought someobody stole it because I was at the cinema and when I got up it was nowhere to be found so security thought somebody must have toaken it turns out it was deep between the seat traped in the mechanisum that pulls the seat up I located it with the app after I got home and went back to the cinema to get it SUCH A LIFE SAVER if I hadn’t gone back the next person would have sat and crushed itTHANK YOU

  69. evryone whose mobile got stolen / lost may put there complaint to the cop at following email with following details , that might help you :

    Phone model:
    Last used No.:
    E-mail for communication
    Missed date:
    IMEI No.:

    1. Hi Vikas,

      Are you sure this works? I read some people questioning whether or not it worked in India to recover a lost cell phone this way. I know that in America it is important to report your IMEI number to police so that if the item appears in a pawn shop or other second-hand store you can get the item back and the person who turned it in will probably get in trouble for it. Does it work the same way in India?

      – Joe

  70. Ewww!!! A cell phone in your cleavage??? LOL! That mdrines me of the days when my mom suggested I pin my mad money to by bra. How awkward when you go to pay the cab fare! (I’m funnin’ ya!)On a more serious note, I am not a big purse gal, love to go clubbing and a purse is a major inconvenience. Over the holiday I purchased a Christmas gift for me and that was a refurbished iPhone (for a third the price of a new one) and I have to tell you I love it! I am definitely high tech, love the apps, love the fact that I can read your blog (and many of the others who comment here) while I’m waiting in line for whatever, or while I’m waiting for the recess bell to ring and I actually use it for work daily. The internet and music capabilities are amazing, though the camera is less than ideal. I don’t care about that because I have a great point and shoot camera that takes excellent shots and I carry that with me most everywhere I go. I’m sorry I didn’t make the switch sooner. Oh, and my iPhone slips nicely into my jeans or coat pocket leaving my cleavage free for the mad money! ;D

    1. Hi Abiha,

      Glad to hear you like your iPhone. My brother-in-law swears by it and thinks it is the bees knees. I have only had Android phones (Droid X, Galaxy Nexus) so I guess I don’t know what I am missing. I do have an iPad and have to say that I can’t really tell the difference between the experience between iOS and Android, other than they do small things differently.

      – Joe

  71. I’d also suggest Garmin for the most bang for your buck. The Nuvi 265WT has the best ufeteras for the price, IMHO. It’s a widescreen model with turn by turn directions, free Navteq traffic updates, and has Bluetooth compatibility for hands free cell calls. The mount for your car is included, so it’s all set to go out of the box .It is $350 at retail, but there are good deals that you can pick up that will bring the price down to just around your $200 budget.Overall, the Nuvi 265WT is an excellent deal when you consider what all’s included (that you would otherwise pay for separately).

    1. Hi Bia,

      Most bang for your buck in terms of what? As far as I know there isn’t any way you can find a lost cell phone with any type of PND. What are you trying to say?

      – Joe


  73. Are people really this stupid?
    At no time did this guy say that he would find your phone for you! after the first person asked and was told that it was not possible one would think that it would be the same for the next person. Why would you continue to ask the same question that the person before you asked? Did you think that you would get a different answer?
    I think that it was very clear that this is nothing more than a page written to help people better understand that it can be done. Would you call the author of a book and ask him/her to do for you whatever the book was trying to explain?

  74. Hi,
    I had lost my Samsung Galaxy y s5360 1 week back , activated GPS tracking i can able to trace the phone and the location in google maps , but still i could not able to find out the exact place where he is……i had given police complaint with the imei no……. i found his street but need to find out exactly where he is……. i had given the sharing request to that person he also accepted but i think he might be changed the sim card so this time he didnt accepted my sharing request.
    Please help me in this issue… how to track……… exact location of the person….i know he is an Auto driver…… because daily (1 week) he is using the same way and waiting near autostands……..

  75. Hello Lost Phone People

    If u know the IMEI no u shuld go to police and give them ur IMEI no and they will trace it throwgh GPRS or GRPS one of this or if u have on the GPS and GPS trace only just google it and u will find smthng. | if u can see JOE is saying only sorry i cant find , unfortanatly and is not doing nothing that u can find the phone !

  76. hi my i-phone 4 was stolen last night in richmond in north yorkshire uk can u help my phone number is 07580085089

    1. Hi christina,

      I am so sorry that your cell phone got stolen. You might want to try and use the “Where’s My iPhone” feature that comes standard with your phone (if you enabled it when setting it up).

      – Joe

  77. hello sir,
    i lost my nokia c1-o1 mobile on 18th oct 2012. i kept it in my pocket. but i don’t know where i lost it. i was keep on calling my phone. it is ringing. but nobody is picking up. can u help me?

  78. Yes. I have a Android Optimus one, and it was stolen. My father has been having heartattcks and trying to call. I need it despertly.

    GPS: Enabled
    Carrier. Net10
    Phone Android Optimus L45
    Number 304-617-4902
    City that is was last known Marion Ohio

  79. i have lost my nokia cell but my cell is dead i have iemi #
    the sim is under the mobile. i don,t know the mobile is stolen or lost

  80. hello sir,
    my cell phone was stolen on 17th dec 2012 in temple at mumbai…i have lodged a complaint in police station…i have given my imei number also to them…what do i do??..i have all personal details stores in it…and i feel someone is already misusing it…
    my phone model is htc explorer and make is htc..
    my imei number is 359918043750183
    please do the needful at earliest…plz help me..

  81. i lost my cell phone, I’m sure somebody has it because when i called it was off. can u help me find it. i appreciate it so much. my phone number is 323-638-3588 it is an android, and the gps id on.

  82. i am losting my phone 05_11_ 2013 and there is many something
    so plz tell me ho w i can my find my mobile

  83. hi dosto i have been lost my phone .plse help me to trace out ………
    it very important…..
    model- nokia 5233

    emei no.357897047093388
    and no. 8958459376

    my new contect no. 8882611462

  84. i want to track my cell phone to see were it is at anytime I have lost my smartphones for the fouth times what I cn do

  85. hi dosto i have been lost my phone .plse help me
    to trace out ………
    it very important…..
    model: lava iris 310s
    IMEI NO: 911388351891301
    and NO: 911388351992331

    SN: I 310S.714H0046118

  86. plz help me friends my mobile was very important ….
    many details on my phone
    my carrier and my family photos

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