A Lil’ Bit O’ GPS Humor

Here is a little bit of GPS humor thanks to one Tim Hawkins, a comedian who likes to use clean humor and “cover” songs in his sketches. If you have not heard about him, he is really funny. Last night my wife and I were cracking up watching a ton of his videos on YouTube. I have included some of his other videos below that really don’t have anything to do with GPS, but they are really funny (or at least I think so). So without further ado, Tim Hawkins:

It is pretty nice to have a GPS tell you exactly where to go – but it would be even nicer if it could help married men read their wife’s mind!

This next one is a good little ditty about Chik Fil-a and demonstrates his love for the “cover” song:

This one made me want to pee my pants:

In all, Tim Hawkins does a pretty good job of making you laugh and keeping it clean. Great comedian!