Secretly Track Your Spouse With GPS: Data Loggers

Have you ever thought about secretly tracking your spouse’s movements? Has he or she been spending more and more time away from you with almost no explanation at all? If you are secretly being cheated on then you have a right to know. In my mind, you even have a right to secretly track your spouse with GPS. After all, they did promise to be faithful.

There are two main options for the person seeking to track their significant other. The first is a real time GPS tracking device. These devices are able to give you their position in real time and will not only let you know where they have been but also will allow you to follow them around in real time (hence the name). The second option is a data logger. These often have more battery life than the real time trackers, allowing the person tracking to collect massive amounts of data to process and analyze so that they can see exactly where the person has been. Through analyzing this information the person can find discrepancies or patterns in the behavior to see where the person is cheating.

I recently got my hands on a passive GPS tracking device called the iGot-U GT-600. It is a personal tracking device designed to log travel data for the international traveler or to analyze outdoor exercise activity. I figured it would be interesting to see if this device could also double as a covert GPS tracking device. Here are the results:

Preliminary Spouse GPS Tracking Test

Spouse GPS Tracking Test Run

Before I spent hours upon hours tracking my wife with the i-Gotu GPS data logger I figured I should give it a test drive to see how it would work. The picture found above represents my first attempt at tracking my wife’s car. I was in the car with her, so this really represents exactly what we did. We stopped by her friends house to pick up some tools and then drove around the neighborhood until the little one fell asleep.

According to the GPS tracker we were out for 00:24:11 and traveled a little less than 6 miles. The device also told me that we were actually only moving for 00:17:02. All this was captured in a little less than 400 distinct data points.

All this data is pretty interesting and useful for those looking to tracking a husband, a wife, a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. The first point of data – the amount of time traveled, is useful to know because it should correspond with the amount of time that you put the tracker in the car.

Total distance traveled is also valuable because it gives you an idea of all the different place that they could have gone. Just how far away is Target? Or their favorite hunting spot? When this is combined with the total trip time you get an idea of how fast they drive and how they are handling your car. I would want to know that data if it were my wife cheating on me.

The final bit of info that is really interesting is the total time moving. In this quick trip the differencet between our total travel time and the total movement time was only around 7 minutes. If I were to be tracking a husband or girlfriend and there was a trip where the total time moving was significantly different from the total travel time I would begin to get a little concerned. This is especially true if they spend most of the time sitting at an unknown location!

With all this data in hand I devised a plan that would simulate a more prolonged spouse tracking strategy. I would sneak into my wife’s car late at night and place the GPS tracking device in her glove compartment. I would occasionally check on the tracker every week to see if the tracker still had battery power or not. After the device lost its charge, I would grab the tracker and find out what I could about the habits of my wife (who is not cheating on me, by the way).

Here is what I found out by secretly tracking my spouse with GPS.

Extensive Spouse GPS Tracking Test

Spouse GPS Tracking Day 1

Battery Life

One of the first things that I wanted to do on this test is to check and see how long the battery would last on the GPS tracking device. Before starting out, I thought I might get a week’s worth of tracking before the battery would die out – boy was I surprised. I was able to track my wife’s car from November 9th all the way through December 6th. The battery lasted 28 days, which is very impressive.

Long battery life is definitely one of the benefits of using a data logger to secretly track your husband or wife. Most real time tracking devices can last a week at best since they are doing so much to provide all that data in real time. One of the benefits of the i-Gotu is that it goes into a battery save mode when it is not moving for an extended period of time.

Analyzing Data

With 28 days of tracking it was a pain to wade through all the data and try and figure out what happened each day, but if you are trying to find out if your lover is cheating and need GPS to help you figure it out then you will be motivated to go through it all. Since my wife isn’t cheating I had no motivation to go through it all and figure it out.

Thank goodness that the i-GotU software makes it easier to figure out what the data means. When using the Sport Tracker mode for their software you get a nice little calendar that lets you see what days had trips. Simply click on the day and you get some detailed information for that specific trip. This data includes a map of their trip that uses Google Maps, their max speed, the duration of their trip, as well as the actual time spent traveling. This is key if they make a quick trip to a friends house and stay their for hours.

In this micro view the mass of data makes sense. The only problem is that you will have to wade through all the days if you let the tracker run out of battery before retrieving it. What I would recommend for those seeking to track a wife or husband to see if they are cheating is to let the tracker run for a week at a time. This will give you smaller chunks of data to digest at any given point in time. The only problem with this is that you might get caught moving the device in and out so only try it if you can reasonably get away with it.


I have to be honest, the i-Got U exceeded my expectations. For a device that is not even built to be a covert GPS tracking device this unit blew me out of the water – and with a price tag under $100 you will be hard pressed to find a tracker that is going to beat the price. Similar products run several hundred dollars more than the i-Got U and do the same thing.


You should definitely consider this tracking device if you want to secretly track your spouse with GPS. It is a multipurpose GPS tracking device that is relatively easy on the pocket book (when compared to some of the alternatives). While it is terrible to have to be in a position where tracking your spouse is an option that you have to consider, getting a data logger like the i-Got U is definitely a choice that you should consider taking if all your other efforts to get at the truth have been unsuccessful. You have a right to know what is going on with the “flesh of your flesh” and the one that made a promise to you to be faithful.

Here is ouriGotU GPS Tracking Data Logger Review if you want to find out more information about this solid personal GPS tracking device.

13 thoughts on “Secretly Track Your Spouse With GPS: Data Loggers”

  1. Interesting that it appears that you got a good track when the GT-600 was in the glove box (can’t really tell from screen capture). Can you comment on the accuracy when it did not have a clear view of the sky?

    1. Hi KidQuantum,

      When it didn’t have access to the sky it was pretty spotty. I took it to the zoo where there were some indoor enclosures that we went into and the tracking jumped around quite a bit indoors. I wouldn’t use it for that type of tracking if you really want to know their exact position inside.

      – Joe

  2. i m interested in buy. ugt-600 . where it is available in india.before buy i would like to have demo also.

    1. Hi ompal,

      I don’t know where you can buy it in India. I know that in the US you can buy it on May you can to?

      – Joe

  3. I was wondering if you think the device would work under a car? or would it be spotty like indoors?

    1. Hi john,

      Don’t know if would work under the car. Are we talking a wheel well or somewhere else? If you placed it there you would need some kind of magnetic case or something to attack it since the Velcro strap might not wear well depending on the driving conditions that the care would go through.

      – Joe

  4. Have you thought about the repercussions of this device being abused by stalkers? What fail safes are in place to prevent some predator from tracking your daughter or wife? 🙁

    1. Hi Concerned,

      I certainly have thought about what the repercussions might be if a stalker used something like this. That someone might be tracking you to do harm to you or someone you love is a terrible thing and we should hope that it never happens. Is there anyway to know that you are being tracked by a stalker? Only if you find the tracking device. Is there anyway to protect yourself against a stalker? Simple self defense and self awareness techniques would help a lot, but there is no technology that I am aware of that will prevent it from happening.

      With all that being said, I don’t think a device like this one is going to be a particularly high value piece of technology in a stalkers arsenal. They would be much more likely to attack something like a computer or a cell phone to try and take it over. Data loggers are not what a stalker would want to use, since they have to recover the device for it to have been of any use to them. Data loggers are useful for married individuals since they have an intimate knowledge of their spouse and can place the device in a variety of locations where they do have access and deserve to have access. I also think it is a spouses right to know where their mate is located at any given point of time. So I see no problem with using this technology appropriately.

      – Joe

  5. I have recently wondered if someone put a tracking device on my car. Recently I noticed a on/off switch in my car. With that being said I also tore my car apart and I found a black box. It has writing that says “security main control module”. Is this a tracking device.. Or do all 07 Toyota Corollas have theses switches on the drivers side close to the petals?

    1. Hi Nichole,

      That doesn’t sound like a tracking box, but I don’t know for sure without looking at it myself. Can you take the car to a local mechanic and ask them what it is?

      – Joe

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