Subprime Lenders Get a GPS Tracking Solution Just For Them

Owners of  Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) car business have a new weapon to lower skips and repossession.  It is a new GPS tracking device from Proconn and it is called The CUBE.  The new, credit card sized tracker is available through Proconn’s subprime automotive finance brand GoldStar GPS.

This technology could not be making it onto the market at a better time, consider the economic climate we are in and this quote from a business owner in the industry, ” … BHPH used car dealers [are] closing their doors all around me….”  Business all around are feeling their profit margins shrink and find themselves needing to run a much tighter ship.  GPS tracking has historically been able to provide this for all sorts of business in types of circumstances.

Why Use GPS Tracking In BHPH?

GPS tracking devices have been proven to be incredibly useful already in several similar applications. Probably the most similar use that I am aware of is in the theft recovery market. In particular, police have been very successful using GPS tracking bait cars to recover vehicles that are specifically designed to get stolen. BHPH GPS tracking works in much the same way.

But what does this doe for a BHPH car business owners? Here are a few benefits:

  • Lower the cost of repossession by saving time – If you know exactly where a vehicle in need of repossession is, you save tons of time in the search process. You can find the car in just minutes and have it towed away in no time at all.
  • Get a grip in your assets management – another major issue that some owners face is having too many cars out and not enough resources to keep track of them all. Once you reach a certain number of vehicles on the road you need some help keeping track of them all and a GPS system is just the thing the doctor ordered.
  • Increase your loan portfolio with less risk – The obvious outcome of the two reasons mentioned above is that you can increase the number of cars that you lend at a reduced risk to yourself and your bottom line. This means that the company can bring in more money, which is always a good thing.

The Cost of The CUBE and GoldStar GPS Tracking

Now the question remains, how much does all this cost? The short answer is that it depends. There is no cost mentioned anywhere on their website and a Google search did not generate any results.

This is to be expected since most business-to-business deals are negotiated. You can certainly contact GoldStar GPS for more information on their pricing structure.

GPS Tracking Features

The CUBE GPS Tracking DeviceWhat is clear on the company’s website are all the features that come with their GPS vehicle monitoring system. Here is a quick run down of some of the feature that this car recovery system sports:

  • Daily Location Report – You will automatically be given the location of the vehicle that you own at least once a day.  This is a “free” location check and will not count against the total number of locates you can make in a given month.  The information is also stored to create a vehicle history so that you can easily get an idea of where the vehicle has been while out of your possession.
  • Stop Report – Another way to get information on your vehicle is to set up stop reporting.  Once a device is no longer in motion for a specified period of time the device will send the location to you so that you can know where the vehicle is making stops.
  • trakSMS™ – This is a wonderful feature for the The CUBE GPS tracking device.  It is a way for a user to remotely control certain aspects of the vehicle’s GPS tracker.  With a simple text message from any text capable cell phone you can find out the speed, direction, and address of the unit as well as have the ability to lock or unlock the doors  and to cut the engine.  How would a person evading repossession like that!
  • Warning Buzzer – This feature lets car owners send a buzz to car users letting them know that a payment is due soon.  If payment is late, dealers can then disable the vehicle.  Fear is a great motivator to get payments in on time.
  • Real-Time Alerts and Notifications – The GoldStar GPS tracking system lets you set up custom alerts that will notify owners of when the car is on the move or whether or not the car has traveled outside one of the six owner generated GeoFences.  This is great when you think a customer may be trying to skip town with your car.
  • State-of-the-Art Mapping and Imaging – This vehicle tracking system utilizes the latest and greatest in GPS tracking software user interfaces.  You can either use Google Earth or Microsoft Virtual Earth to see the units location in a wide variety of views (road map, satellite, or hybrid).

This is a well rounded device that is relatively easy to install and incredibly powerful for business owners looking to improve their profit margins and ensure the safety of their business by keeping tabs on their assets. If you have never though about using a car GPS tracking device for your BHPH car business then now is the time.

Spotlight GPS Pet Tracking Device

A few years ago I had the opportunity to watch three awesome dogs for a couple weeks during the summer.  The house I got to stay at was pressed up against a canyon and the dogs would love to run back and forth between the back yard and the front yard chasing rabbits and enjoy to cooler night time air.  On one night in particular, the dogs persisted in their barking a little longer than usual.  Curious to see what was happening I walked outside to check up on the dogs.


Like I mentioned, the family I was dog sitting for had three dogs, a Boxer, a Bichon, and a Yorkie.  The Boxer was obviously the biggest of the bunch and she was the first one that I saw, here large frame and light fur was easily spotted in the dark evening air.  The next one that I saw was the Bichon. His white coat made him easily seen despite his small stature. However, the smallest of the dogs, the Yorkie, was nowhere to be seen.  I felt my heart sink into the bottom of my stomach as I turned around and ran back into the house – something had happened to the Yorkie.

Bichon Frise

I frantically searched for a flashlight.  It was after 10PM and there was no way I was going to find that dog if I didn’t grab a light.  After finding one I ran back outside and started shining the flashlight everywhere I could think the Yorkie could be hiding.  There front yard at that time had lots of low bushes that the Yorkie loved to run and skulk in when chasing rabbits, so that was my primary search location at first. I could not find her. Then, in desperation, I shined the light into the canyon. About 100 yards away from me I saw two glowing eyes starring back at me in the sage.  The Yorkie had been taken by a coyote.


I began searching the perimeter of the front yard in order to see if I could find a path that the coyote might have used after taking the Yorkie. I found what I thought was one and immediately started rushing down it in the hopes that the dog was still alive. I had not idea if the coyote still had the Yorkie or if it had eaten her already or it had just left her for dead somewhere in the brush. With flashlight in hand I made it about 20 yards down the canyon slope until I saw some small, glowing eyes in the brush. It was the Yorkie, laying still and motionless in the grass.

To make this long story a little shorter, the Yorkie thankfully survived the attack and it now living a healthy life. I think she survived mainly because she had a thick dog collar on that protected her throat and neck from the crushing of the coyote’s jaws.  She has even had a puppies since the attack and is doing extremely well.

But the reason I mentioned this story here is that there is a new GPS pet tracking device out that would have really helped during this stressful and scary situation. The name of the device is Spotlight GPS.  This GPS tracking devices is designed specifically with pets in mind and offers a variety of features that make it one of the best GPS pet recovery devices on the market.

There are two main features that would have been particularly useful in my case. The first is that the device has a GeoFence feature which will send the owner a text message and/or email when the animal leaves the designated home area. As soon as the Yorkie was taken I would have been notified via a text message on my cell phone that she had gone outside the yard. I could have been outside in a matter of seconds and gotten a much better hand on the situation. While in this case it would not have matter much in questions of life and death for the dog, it could have and that is why a GeoFence feature is so critical.

Also, if you are just dealing with the more common lost or stray dog this feature is very useful. You know almost the exact moment that your dog left home so you have a pretty good idea about how far they could have gotten from home. You could be able to be on the road back to your house in no time at all so that you can find and locate your pet. Since the Spotlight GPS is also a GPS tracking device you will have accurate real time data about where your dog is right now.  This information will prove invaluable for recovering your lost pet.

The second feature that I would have loved to have that summer night is the  bright LED beacon that is visible from 100 yards away.  All I would have had to have done if the Yorkie was equipped with a Spotlight GPS was to text “spotlight on” to a certain number and the light would have turned on automatically.  The light would have served as my pet locator.  I wouldn’t have had to fumble around for a flashlight because the light would have led me straight to her, saving me precious time.

If you are interesting in buying the Spotlight GPS you should also know that the upfront price tag is not the only cost associated with this GPS locator.  They also have service plans ranging from $15 a month to $7 a month, depending on the number of “emergency events” that you want to have covered.  The plans range from 100 events per month to 25 per month.

There are certainly other useful features to the Spotlight GPS that make it a great buy. The battery last for an impressive 10 days, making it one of the longest lasting pet tracking devices on the market. It also partners with the American Kennel Club for the recovery of animals and works very well with implanted RFID pet microchips. The device is also water resistant so it can stay on outdoor animals as long as they don’t go swimming in a pool, river, or lake.

Overall, the Spotlight GPS pet tracking device is a useful addition to an animal lover’s pet safety system. It fits easily onto your pet’s already existing collar, making it a great collar GPS tracker. Those that can afford it will love the convenience and reliability of this A-GPS tracking device.