Finding the right app for what you are trying to do can be a pain. This is our effort to make that simpler when it comes to GPS based apps.

Cell Phone Security Apps – Security apps help you find your phone if it ever gets lost or stolen. By using GPS tracking, they help you find your phone faster – even if someone else has it.

Fitness Apps – Everyone wants to have a healthy body. These are the apps that make it easier to keep track of workouts and stay motivated.

Navigation Apps – Getting to Point B from Point A has never been simpler, these apps make it easy.

Social Apps – Your location has gone social. These apps are for those who like to keep their friends close and their location public.

A Word On Our Method

We have tried our best to help narrow the field when it comes to apps because there are just too many of them! We understand that as an app user it can be overwhelming to try to find an app only to have to pick from a search list of 20,000. You want to make sure that you get something valuable and you want it at the cheapest price possible. That is why our app pages are set up to do the following:

Highlight apps that we have personally reviewed.  You need to hear a voice that you can trust and that will show you what they did or did not like about an app.  We have spent a lot of time crafting our reviews to make sure that we have thoroughly tested the various GPS apps and put them into real life situations.

Raise free cost apps to the top without pushing the best apps too low. Our philosophy is that if you can do something well for free then there is no reason to pay for it.  We also realize that some paid apps do provide a better user experience.  We try our best to balance all this information when

Make finding the app for your type of phone simpler.  We live in a crazy, mobile world.  iPhone and Android.  Blackberry and Windows.  Ovi or Symbian.  We want to make it easy for you to find a good app that is going to work with your phone.

Have an app that you want to see included? Let us know about it.

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