Keruve 2010 GPS Tracking Systems For Kids and Alzheimer Patients

Keruve, a Spanish GPS tracking device manufacturer, has recently announced its Keruve 2010 GPS tracking system. This system will build off of its already existent GPS tracking watch and portable GPS tracking receiver. The way the current model works is that the person who needs to be tracked wears the GPS wrist watch that is part of the system. Then, when the tracker wants to know where the trackee is, they just press a button on the receiver and they are given the person’s location to the nearest street address.

This is a relatively simple concept to those that are familiar with personal GPS tracking systems, but something that might sound revolutionary to those just becoming aware of this powerful technology.

But the new Keruve 2010 improves upon this design in several different ways. For starters, there has been improvement on the appearance of the GPS tracking watch that is part of the system. Now there are far more models to choose from including three watches for men, two for women, and a unisex model. All watches now have larger numbers for easier reading by young and old users alike.

It also now includes no less then four positioning systems to cycle through in cases where, for whatever reason, the most accurate GPS system is not available. While the most accurate is still going to be GPS bases, it also features a Keruve indoor position finder when the personal GPS tracking watch is unable to find a GPS signal, a VisionCellid location system, and a GSM network system. This is very useful because in almost any circumstance you are going to have some idea where the watch is.

They have also made some significant improvement to the GPS tracking receiver. There are now clearly labeled buttons on the touch screen, making it easier to find what you are looking for. They have expanded the display to 4.2″ and increased the font size of the displayed addresses to improve readability. A new ergonomic design rounds out the receiver improvements.

While the already existing model was a solid, though expensive, real time GPS tracking system, the improvements introduced by the Keruve 2010 should provide a better user experience in both terms of ease of use and functionality.

Keruve GPS Tracking System Marketing

Below are a few of the ways in which the Keruve tracking watch was marketed in the native Spain. The commercial below is in Spanish, but I have translated the information about the video into English using Google Translate with some minor clean up:

Presentation Keruve. Keruve as a direct locator specialist for people with Alzheimer’s disease in the first stage. With the Keruve GPS watch, a person with Alzheimer’s can continue walking as they did before, and the family with the receiver can know where the Keruve watch is whenever they want.

As you can see, people on the other side of the Atlantic run into the same problems that Americans do. We all have children that can get lost in the mix and milieu of people in our modern societies. We have older relatives whose bodies have outlived their minds and suffer from the crippling disease of dementia, with the most common manifestation being Alzheimer’s.

The next video is more of a news story and is particularly focused on the use of the Keruve GPS tracking system in Alzheimer’s patients:

Demonstration of the Keruve personal locator at the residence Santa Elena in Seville, Spain. Video provides an explanation of performance and interview with one of the inventors and the director of the association of relatives of Alzheimer patients in Seville, Spain.

Now that we have seen that this device is marketed both as a child tracking system and an Alzheimer’s tracking system let’s briefly discuss both of these applications.

Keruve GPS Tracking System For Kids

Tracking systems for kids are nothing new on GPS For Today. We have seen the Amber Alert GPS tracking system and how it tries to provide reliable information for parents on the location of their children. Unlike the Amber Alert GPS, the Keruve GPS tracking system for kids uses a watch rather than a stand alone tracking unit. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

The first advantage is that the watches are now much more natural looking than they were before. One of the biggest issues that people have with GPS tracking watches for kids is that they are often too bulky and obviously a safety device. Not so with the Keruve GPS watch. It has a sleek design that makes it look like a real watch. Though it might be too large for the wrists of the smallest children, it should work fine for teenagers and some pre-teens.

Another advantage of a watch is that they are usually on the wrist of your child. Sure, sometimes kids take off a watch when they play – but the Keruve is not able to be taken off unless they have a special tool to do so. Without that tool your child will be wearing that watch until you take it off from them.

Some disadvantages of a watch are that they are easily discovered and removed by kidnappers, they suffer some serious wear and tear if your child is a boy and they like to adventure, and that they must be worn to be effective. While these disadvantages can all be avoided, it does take a considerable amount of effort to do so.

Keruve GPS Tracking System For Alzheimer’s

A relatively new and novel idea is to use GPS tracking for Alzheimer’s patients. This is a great idea since a good portion of those that suffer from this form of dementia will “wander” at some point. There can be little that is more disturbing than loosing a elderly relative who appears to be healthy and sane but is unable to remember the recent history. They can sometimes suffer greatly when they are lost and separated from their loved ones and familiar surroundings. Real time GPS tracking systems are designed to help track down Alzheimer’s suffers quickly so that they can be restored to comfortable and safe surroundings.

GPS tracking watches for Alzheimer’s patients work well because they are attached to the wrist and if the patient has had a long history of wearing a wrist watch they should have no problem wearing this GPS device. If they do not regularly wear a watch then it might be difficult to get them to do so on their own. If this is the case you might want to pursue other avenues of tracking them or talk with your doctor to come up with ideas on how to introduce a new routine into their life.

Keruve 2010 GPS Tracking System Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots from the Keruve 2010:

Keruve 2010 GPS Tracking System Larger Numbers

Keruve 2010 GPS Tracking System Location ProcessKeruve 2010 GPS Tracking System Look and Feel

As you can see the Keruve 2010 GPS tracking system is an interesting bit of technology. Marketed as a child and Alzheimer’s GPS tracking watch it offers effective tracking services in a user friendly and Internet-less environment. Wherever you have a cell phone signal you can use the Keruve GPS tracking system, making it great for those in urban settings who want to track a person via GPS.

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  1. Kindly Send me details about this product. My brother is suffering from mental problem. so i want to use this product.

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  2. Hei
    My dad has got alzheimer’s and this is very interesting. I have tried to find out the price, can you help?
    Regards Nina Moe

    1. Hi Nina,

      Right now the Keruve 2010 is not yet available for purchase, so there is not a price on it yet. There are some similar devices out there on the market right now, but most of them are medical grade GPS tracking bracelets. They end up costing hundreds of dollars and run you a substantial service fee as well, somewhere in the $50-$60 range.


  3. I’m developing a watch myself. I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of a good gps tech consultant or firm.

  4. I would like to buy yours when avaiable, however can you recomend a medical device one? And where I can find one?

    Dean Chitwood

    1. Hi Ruth,

      As far as I can tell, the Keruve 2010 is not available yet for sale. There is still the regular Keruve if that is something you are especially interested in. That can be found at the Keruve site where they are certainly willing to let you buy it from them. They also have a 2 year world wide warranty on it, but I do not know for certain what type of coverage the device will get outside of Europe.

      – Joe

  5. Hi Joe,
    I’m in Spain this days, and I talked with this guys. Keruve 2010 is already available (they didn’t anounce it yet). My family will probably buy one for my cousin with alzheimer.
    Their phone number is +34 954460992, ask for Asuncion, she speak english perfectly.


    1. Hi Nicole,

      It does look like it is out – at least that is what Steve above seemed to indicate. I am not sure if it is availalbe outside of Europe, but it would probably be best to contact Keruve directly for the definitive answer.


  6. i want to buy for my both doughters so please e-mail me the price and the way of snding money as soon as bossebal

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    can you send more detils of this tracking system to my e-mail : [removed]
    including the prices and does it need a monthly fees or i it free ? and can it work on all the cities ?
    i am from saudi arabia . so can i insert my city map and then track the child ?

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  8. How can I purchase this watch and system? My husband has Alzheimers and we could really use something like this. How far away can he be from the unit to be able to locate him>

    Thank you Lori

    1. Hi Lori,

      I don’t think that this is available in the US, but you will want to check the Keruve website for sure.

      – Joe

  9. I would like to get more information for the gps for alzheimer’s. I would like to know if you have a flexible band for the watches or can you change the bands. Please e-mail more information.
    Thank you

    1. Karen,
      The watch bands need to be adjusted appropriately for the person´s wrist. Once adjusted, the person won´t be able to take it off unless the caregiver uses the special key. If you wish find out more please visit our website and download the information or give us a call.

  10. Hai I am heru from indonesia, I like your product , can you give me information about GPS watch, please send my email ok


  11. i am interested in any keruve gps watch and need to find what i can get in usa and for how much my dad wandered for 1st time yesterday was lost for 2 hrs all police dept was out in full force looking thank god we found him before dark so please help me locate one in usa and let me know what price range is thank you

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    I’m very interest in Keruve. But I need to know if this device works in Brazil, what kind of connection is necessary and all.
    Could you send me some additional informations by e-mail?
    Thanks in advance!
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    1. Hi Tuca,

      You might want to contact Keruve directly. They would have the best information about availability in your area.

      – Joe

  13. please send me info on your product. this would be for an Alzheimers patient. can the watch be programmed with info?

  14. Please send mor information on the Wrist watch tracking system. What kind of band does it have and is it made where the patiant can’t remove. I would also like to know the price and if there is a monthly fee.

    Thank you

    Sheila King

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